Message from president

“We take pride in being the Nation's Skilling Partner…”

The world is changing, and India is renascent. An already recognized world player, the vision of our nation being rightfully termed as a 'Superpower' is very much in sight. The road ahead for us, though clear, is not yet paved. There exist challenges, which we will have to overcome, to finally stand on the podium and claim greatness as ours.

Our greatest strength is also our biggest weakness. The dichotomy of having a large young workforce and yet our industries struggling to find suitable talent is much too obvious. This lacuna stretches across skill and education levels. It could be our biggest challenge yet.

This is the space where our skill academy steps in. Already an established and leading player in the Education scenario, Gopalan Skill Academy further has proven giant strides in the skill building business through our multi-pronged initiatives.

We have affiliated & proposed partnership under the Schemes of GOI & GOK. Beyond the Private tie up, We also plan to work with a host of agencies on a variety of initiatives across the industry. A majority of these initiatives target youth from under-served sections of society and work towards mobilizing, training, employing and hence empowering them with a chance towards a brighter future.

Besides, our regular academy colleges; now through our skill development centres we intend & provide candidates with an opportunity to study vocational courses which comprise of deep integration modules within the industry of their choice. A certification of being job-ready along with a regular course degree enables the students to hit the ground running on the first day of their job.

Apart from our newer initiatives, we are increasing the foot-print of Gopalan Group in the space that has long been our forte- Education sector. We take immense pride in being the skilling partner to the nation, its people and its industry. A partnership that could just be integral to India's successes in the time to come.

Gopalan C President, Gopalan Foundation

Message from Vice President

Gopalan Foundation has a long tradition of providing its services in the field of education. We are happy to drive the works of Gopalan Skill Academy as it falls in line with our own philosophy of continuous service and enhancing the competence and quality of lives in the society. We wish every success to this innovative venture and are committed to provide the necessary support for achieving success.

Pramod.C Vice President, Gopalan Foundation
General Manager

Message from General Secretary

It gives me an immense pleasure to learn about Gopalan Skills Academy. GSA is designed at its officiating office at Gopalan Promenade block aiming to provide the highest quality, most-affective, value-added skills training to the nation's abundant human resources. I extend my warmest felicitations for this commendable efforts. On behalf of Gopalan Group , I would like to convey my best wishes to the steering committee and hope this praise worthy initiative will add a momentum to develop skill full manpower to support future industrial development of India.

Dr.Prabhakar.C Gen. Secreatary, Gopalan Foundation

Message from Registrar, Gopalan Skill Academy

Quality Human Resource is the cutting edge of this modern globalization. Gopalan Skill Academy in Bengaluru presents professional training facilities and faculties for developing skilled experts - manpower. We always feel the social responsibility and took a step ahead to develop skilled work force for our country. We assure, with Gopalan Foundation we have been able to build brilliant Vocational training platform in Bengaluru "Gopalan Skill Academy". I also believe Gopalan Group with its other resources will continue to play a distinct role for developing skilled manpower. I am wishing our management a continuous success.

Kiran Viswanath Registrar

Message from Principal, Gopalan Skill Academy

I am delighted to be a part of Gopalan Skill Academy. There was a need for multidisciplinary skills development centre offering high-quality cost-effective skills trainings, driven by the demands of the industry. This is an exemplary work where our Gopalan Foundation, corporate, development and Government sectors have come together for a common cause. I am committed to serve this academy; We will offer competent courses in specific sectors for the local people. I congratulate Gopalan Skill Academy and wish it a grand success.

Lt. (Hony.) S.U.Rathod Principal

Message from Dean, Gopalan Skill Academy

It is a great honour and privilege to be a part of Gopalan Skill Academy. Any country to become strong self-sustainable in production, manufacturing, Research and development it needs have skilled manpower.

GSA is established to provide multi skills courses to the urban and rural candidates, so that they can develop their own livelihood in near future.

I am committed to serve this academy with great honour and dedication. I congratulate GSA and wish it a great success.

Maj. (Hony.) Shivappa NotagarDean – Industry Collaboration (IC) / Research & Development (R&D)