Grievance Redressal

To register your grievance, email us at any of the following e-Mail IDs mentioned below:

Kiran Viswanath:


+91 8197839743



+91 9513147554

Write to our grievance redressal

You can post/courier your grievances to the following address:

Grievance Cell,
Gopalan Skill Academy
92/9, 3rd Floor, 80 Feet Road
8th Block, Kathriguppe
Banashankari III Stage
Bengaluru - 560085
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For procedures listed below visit us during office hours

  • Orientation - Induction / Info.
  • Counselling - Trainee / Parent
  • Admissions - Batch schedule / Transfer
  • Fee - Counter
  • Assessment - Application / Re assessment
  • Certification - Original / Duplicate
  • Stock and Training Kit related execises
  • Library Card - New / Renewal
  • Attendance related quires - Certificate
  • No Due Certificate - NoC
  • Placement Cell - Support / Assistance

 Administrative Office Hours

9:45am to 6:15pm Monday - Friday
1:15pm to 2:15pm Lunch break
9:45am to 12:30pm Saturday

 Administrative team off - Sunday

 Academy Time

(Academy training schedule is based on schemes / programme - Batch time)

5:30am to 9:00pm Monday - Friday
9:30am to 3:00pm Saturday
5:30am to 7:30pm Sunday

General Regulations

1. The working day is divided into four sessions, the morning session of 3 periods, forenoon session of 4 periods, afternoon session of 2 periods and Evening session of 3 periods. Attendance is marked at the commencement of the class or the trainee is allotted a biometric attendance feature . Latecomers, therefore, though permitted to attend class by the trainer concerned, will not be given attendance.

2. Every trainee must have the prescribed workbooks, laboratory records, dissecting instruments etc.

3. No trainee shall absent himself/herself from training without the prior permission of the Principal.

4. Trainees must have a minimum of 85% attendance to be permitted to take up the assessment. Leave application will be accepted only if the actual attendance is above 75%.

5. Trainees who are absent from training for 1 weeks or more at a stretch without the permission of the Principal obtained in writing, will be considered to have left the course.

6. Trainees remaining absent for more than 2 days for any reasons (personal, co/extracurricular activities) have to submit the leave form duly signed within ten days of the leave period.

7. When absence is caused by unforeseen events, application for leave must be submitted to the Principal as early as possible and certainly not later than 3 days after return to the academy.

8. Application for leave of absence may be rejected by the Principal if he is not satisfied with the genuineness.

9. If the application for leave of absence is accepted, the Trainee will be issued a form, which she/he has to fill in and get the number of sessions engaged during a leave of absence along with the signature of the trainer concerned. The duly filled in form along with the original leave letter is to be submitted back to the principal within 3 days after the leave letter has been accepted.

10. 10. Pre assessments are held periodically in every title. Attendance cum skill progress report of the assessment will be given to the trainees. trainees are responsible to show their skill report to their parents.

11. Trainees must not join any club or society or involve in any engagements that would interfere with the training term without the prior permission of the Principal. They will not be permitted to play in any team against the academy.

12. Trainees are forbidden to organize and attend any meeting within the academy, or collect money for any purpose or to circulate among the trainees any notice or petition of any kind or paste it on the academy notice board without the written permission of the Registrar.

13. Active participation in politics not compatible with the Vocational Training life of trainee and as such trainees are not expected to indulge in public activities, which are of a political nature at academy.

14. Trainees will not be permitted to make complaints in a body or present any collective petition but are welcome to present their case, if any, either individually or through their proper representatives.

15. Trainees can park their two & four-wheelers inside the academy building only on payment of the prescribed fees.


Bengaluru Guide

Legend goes that King Veeraballa of Vijayanagara once lost his way in forest. Hungry and tired, he came upon a lone hut in the thick forest where he met an old woman.When he asked for food, she gave him baked beans (‘Benda Kalu’ in Karnataka).The King found this humble meal taste better than the richest fare. To commemorate this incident, he called the place "Benda Kalu Ooru" (place of baked beans).

Capital of the Southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore today is Asia’s fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is home to some of the most high tech industries in India. The I.T industry views Bangalore as the ‘byte-basket’ of India. Bangalore is also home to some of India’s premier scientific establishments.

Blessed with a salubrious climate, gardens & parks, natural lakes, architectural landmarks, shopping malls, the best restaurants and pubs in this part of the globe, business opportunities, Bangalore is the ideal gateway to India and beyond. Bangalore offers something for everyone-music and dance concerts (Western and Indian), dramas, exhibitions, carnivals, conferences and more.

Go disco-hopping or pub-crawling, shop till your feet give away,relax in the swankiest restaurants or with your favourite movie stars-in the movie hall or simply tee off to glory. Welcome to Bangalore.

Bangalore To Be Renamed As Bengaluru

Bangalore, according to state historians, got its name from Bendakalooru (the town of boiled beans) after a king strayed into the area during a hunting trip in the late 14th century. A woman offered him a meal of boiled beans which the king enjoyed so much that he named the town after the dish. Bengaluru is a transliteration of the original spelling, according to state historians.

Some pictures of Bengaluru

Source from
- karnataka.com
- Karnataka Tourism

Telephone Directory

SL.No Extension No. Directory Phone Status
1 101 Front Desk Available
2 102 3rd floor Reception Desk Available
3 103 Registrar Desk Available
4 104 Principal Desk Available
5 105 Dean - Desk Available
6 108 Admin Block - Section Available
7 109 Presentation Hall Available
8 113 GM -IQAC -Admin and Stores Available
9 114 Examination Hall / Strong Room Available
10 115 Conference Hall / Brain Dust Hall Available
11 116 Fees And Bursaries Loan - Counter Available
12 117 Pantry Available
13 118 Auditorium Reception Available
14 119 Auditorium Stage Technical Room Available
15 120 Placement and Interview Cell - 01 Available
16 121 Placement and Interview Cell - 02 Available
17 122 Placement and Interview Cell - 03 Available
17 123 Stage - Dias Available
17 124 Green Room - 01 Available
17 125 Green Room - 02 Available

Contact Address

Gopalan Skill Academy
92/9, 3rd Floor, 80 Feet Road
8th Block, Kathriguppe
Banashankari III Stage
Bengaluru - 560085
(Landmark: Above Kathriguppe Big Bazaar)

Contact Numbers

Toll Free: 1-800-3010-1554
Miss Call: 080-4075-1789
Office: 080-6999-9637
+91 96064 47227
+91 96064 47228
+91 96064 47229

Emergency Contact Numbers

SL.NO Officer / Office / Dept Contact No
1 Registrar - GSA 8197839743
2 Principal - GSA 9513147554
3 Health & Safety Officer - GSA 8904831399 / 9980947177
4 Police Control Room 100
5 Fire Control Room 101
6 Ambulance Control Room 102/108
7 Bomb Disposal Squad 080-22942192/080-22942595
8 Nearest Hospital 080-26797040
9 Heart Brigade Service 1050/51
10 Fire Bridge - Fire Station 080-22971539
11 24hr Pharmacy - Medical Shop 080-26536700/080-26536701
12 Blood Bank - Services 080-22268435/080-22264205
13 Snake Catcher - Rescue 9844037424
14 LPG - Gas Leakage Emg Service 080 - 23563805

First Aider Desk

Glimpse Book

Medical Report

Glimpse Book

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